mox·ie  noun \ˈmäk-sē\ : the ability to be active 

Blondemoxie fitness

Melissa Zugell

Coming from a dance background, Melissa Zugell has been dancing since she could remember. Learning everything from Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom to Slovenian Folk dance (her heritage!),
she has come to share her truest passion for dance and fitness
with others. Melissa’s combined passion for dance and fitness enabled her to seek innovative and effective techniques for her training, and is highly experienced in a variety of fitness practices. She is an AFFA certified group fitness instructor and
personal trainer; a successful and accredited Zumba Fitness instructor 7+ years; certified Piloxing instructor; trained and completed Red Velvet fitness training. SHE IS MOST NEWLY PROUD TO BE A PLYOJAM FITNESS INSTRUCTOR . THE HOTTEST FITNESS PHENOMENON SWEEPING THE NATION!  

Melissa also has numerous credits in TV and fitness DVD’s (including Zumba Exhilarate DVD’s, Dance off the Inches Latin Cardio Party, Get Out! TV segment for Santa Monica, Lionsgate “Be Fit” Zumba Fitness segment featuring “Star Fit” with Kym Johnson, TV show The Biggest Loser, and Guiliana & Bill.)

She believes there is nothing more wonderful in the world than helping and watching people achieve what they thought was probably impossible – all while having FUN doing it! She enlivens the room with boundless positive energy that takes the “work” out of working out, and infuses her heart and soul into every movement. Melissa aims to inspire the amateur, challenge the expert, and unite all through an energetic cardio dance workout meant for everyone!